Monday, August 2, 2010


At the beginning of the summer we came up with a plan to keep the kids reading and doing their basic chores everyday. We created a chart and if they filled it each day we would go to Lagoon at the end of summer. Well, summer isn't quite over, but Sarah and Brady came to town and wanted to hit Lagoon...the kids have been so good at doing their chores and reading everyday that we decided to go with them! It was a HOT day ( I must have refilled the water bottle 10 times during the afternoon!) but the kids didn't slow down for a second...they ran (with Jake by their side) from ride to ride for the whole 9 hours we were there! They loved every single ride they went on...the girls were only bummed when they were too short to go on the biggest rides! Spencer and Kade had a blast together and are now officially best buddies (it was hilarious to watch their little conversations together). Sarah (who is expecting baby #3) and I (I literally got nausus just watching all the rides there)didn't get to enjoy the rides, but I guess someone had to watch all the little kiddos. Good Times!


Shanna Nemrow said...

OH! So it has begun....Kars and Rys flashing peace signs/hand signals at the camera. They are getting so grown up! :)

Looks like it was a blast!!

Lanell said...

We went to lagoon just on thursday last week and had a great time except Kaitlyn got a fever and pretty sick in the middle. She ended up riding in the stroller, but still had a good time. Your kids are so cute.