Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cabin Trip 2013 - The Trip that Almost didn't Happen!

This year's cabin trip was doomed from the start...we had to change the date a couple times, I actually cancelled it at one point. Then all sorts of challenges came up between, Blair and Travis having work issues, Mom and Dad selling their house, Blair and Shanna having to move, Brooke and Kyle moving, etc. Finally the day arrived and even then we had to push it back a day...Blair and Travis drove all-night with Katie, Bristol and Bryton and eventually we all made it! And, in case that wasn't enough...while we were there Brooke and Kyle had their car towed and Blair and Shanna almost died (alright, I'm being dramatic) in a snowmobile accident. What a week!!

Surprisingly, it was an AWESOME time and we all had the chance to bond and spend time together...which, Dad reminded us, is what it's all about! By the time all was said and done...all we really remember is the good stuff...sledding, tubing, hot tubs, Just Dance competitions, games, snowmobiling, lots of good food and laughter. Speaking of laughter, Shanna and I almost peed our pants from laughing while we tried to sled on our amazing blow-up mattress tube! Such a good time! It snowed almost the whole time we were there...but that didn't get in the way! We love this trip and even though it's a challenge, it's totally worth it. Thanks everyone for making it happen!

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