Friday, March 4, 2016

The Chewbaccas

Spencer joined this futsal (indoor soccer) team about half way thru their season. He had a blast because 2 of his best soccer buddies (Zack and Harper) are on this team with him. They played really well and made it to the final championship game. It was against a girls team that is a year older than them. This game was a hard fought battle. The score went back and forth the whole game. Spencer had 3 goals and in the end the game was tied 6-6. They played an overtime and then another and the score was still 6-6. Finally, it came down to a shootout. Spencer was able to rocket his shot right into the goal!!! It was awesome! Unfortunately, the rest of his team struggled to get theirs past the goalie. So, they lost the game...but it was a great game and a fun season. Now we are moving back into outdoor soccer for the spring!

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