Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July

Fourth of July is always one of our favorite holidays! The big Freedom Festival Parade is something the kids look forward to all year long! We love to hang out with the family, eat lots of powdered sugar donuts, cheer for the floats (or the police motorcycles) and just be together! It really is great to see every person there wearing red, white and blue too!

Karlee has been sick with a fever the past 4 days...the night of the 3rd she woke up in tears during the night because she didn't want to be sick for the 4th of July...she was still not feeling well on the morning of the 4th, so we pumped her up with Ibuprofen and kept her full of it all day so she could enjoy (and she did)!

The boys always have a great round of afternoon golf (while the kids attempt to nap...but almost never do!)...then it's off to the Norm Nemrow house for a BBQ with all of the extended family! This year there was a sweet old neighbor who brought over some "interesting" music machine to entertain the family...and it did not disappoint! The pinata was a big hit and the cotton candy machine made Rylee's day!

The evening was filled with fireworks, treats and family...isn't that really what it's all about?? We had such a blast, as we always do!

By the way...the shoes in the picture above are Spencer's first pair of new shoes in over a year (he just isn't growing real fast)...he was so excited about them that he threw fits the night we got them until we let him sleep in them! When he woke up in the morning...he was still wearing them and has hardly let us take them off since!

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