Wednesday, December 2, 2009


We always look so forward to going to California for Thanksgiving! It's a great escape to the warm sunshine and a great time of year to visit with the family. This year was no exception and the trip was perfect! We enjoyed the warm weather at the beach, then a campfire with smore's on the sand one night. We had a feast with delicious smoked turkey (thanks Uncle Bob!) and orange rolls (it really isn't Thanksgiving without them!). We hit the hot tub, watched some Jazz games and ran a
5K! On the last day there the guys and gals split up. The boys had man time together and tried to go to a "Gun Show" (which was closed) and then hit the bowling alley. The girls got dressed up for a night in L.A. to see the Broadway show, "Mary Poppins"! It was fabulous! We missed Katie, Travis and Bristol, but they even made it back from their trip in time to visit on our last night in town! Here are the pics...

Jake, Shanna and Brooke ran a Turkey Trot 5K...I cheered them on with the kids! Blair wanted to run it too, but Mackenzie ended up sick that day and he was Dr. Dad at home. Karlee and Rylee were stoked to be the winners of the kids race...even though the other kids were about 3 years old!

Grandma and Grandpa Nemrow wanted a picture with their Great-Grandkids at Thanksgiving Dinner...some kids were more cooperative than others!

Here we are all dressed-up and off to L.A....the show was great!

Here we all are together for the last night! Go Jazz!


Shanna Nemrow said...

Hooray!! I love all the pics!! It was a great time!!! I love Garrett & Spencer in the last pic. We're all being crazy and their sitting by each other with their matching green shirts just staring, like, "what is going on?"

Christy Marie said...

Looks like you had a blast. All your previous posts are darling...I love Jakes Halloween costume!