Friday, June 11, 2010

Audree is 5 years old!

I have been a slacker of a mom...Audree's birthday was on the 5th and I am finally getting around to posting these pics! Audree has been SO excited about turning 5 and being ready for kindergarten. For her birthday she requested that we go to Seven Peaks as a family and then go home for cake and presents. Seriously, how easy is that??? I was willing to do something more exciting...but this is what she wanted...wish granted! We had a blast at Seven Peaks and then came home for chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (Audree's request) and then she opened presents (a doll house with accessories...she was in heaven!). I love this girl!! Audree loves snuggles, playing pretend (especially playing kitty with Spencer) and she is an incredibly picky eater. She is quite the singer, in fact, today she followed me around the house all day singing songs (most of which were not even in English) and keeping me company. I just love this kid! Happy Birthday, Audree!!

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