Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh What a Feeling....

Remember those old Toyota commercials..."Oh what a Feeling...Toyota!"? Well, here's Jake with his new baby. Jake has been eyeing this truck at a car lot for about 9 months...it's sort of like Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future and his big black truck...well, finally the stars aligned so that we could fulfill all of Jake's truck dreams. He says he was never worried the truck would sell before we could get it because it was meant for him...and to be honest, I actually think they look alike. Anyways, he is giddy over this truck and I love to see him so happy...oh, and Spencer is pretty stoked about it too!

Speaking of "Oh what a feeling"...I had to post this picture to go with this story. Jake has been teaching Spencer the fine art of "peeing like a man" recently. We haven't been too concerned about this...even when he openly peed at the beach, we just laughed it off...there weren't many people around. So, the other day we took the kids to Seven Peaks for the evening. The kids were running around the kiddie pool going down slides and swimming around in their life jackets...Jake and I were just sitting on the side chatting away. Suddenly, we heard snickers and laughter all around us...Jake turned and said, "Oh wow, Ash...look at that!"...and there he was...our little guy...standing in the center of the kiddie pool, on a platform, all by himself. Pants around his ankles, life jacket secured, back arched hard and shooting for the moon. Yep, he was peeing a stream about 3 feet in front of him, right into the pool. The men around the pool were laughing hysterically and the life guard said, "I thought it was a watergun at first!" Jake ran over and helped him pull his pants back up (I was too embarrassed to go over). Jake said,
"Spencer, we don't pee in the pool, dude...just trees." to which Spencer replied, "Dad, I didn't pee in the pool...I got out." Jake swears the whole incident was one of his proudest moments. Priceless.

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Shanna Nemrow said...

Hahahahahahaha!!! Oh, my AWESOMENESS!!! That is one of the best stories ever!!! Blair is gonna die laughing. In fact, I'm gonna call him right now and make him read it. He's gonna love it. Give Spencer a big high 5 for us!

And congrats on Jake's truck! It's sweet!!!