Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm a Soccer Mom!!

I LOVE soccer season...it's totally crazy and we run around like chickens with our heads cut off for 6 weeks...but I love it! This year Spencer and Rylee are both playing Rec Soccer and both of them are doing great.
Spencer scores an average of 6-8 goals a game...he's hilarious! He is fast up the field, or if someone else on his team gets the ball he runs up by the net and waits for the pass...he also plays goalie if he thinks the other team is trying to score! So funny! This year his team is the "Black Bears"!
Rylee is doing great too! She scored her first goal 3 games ago and has been on fire ever since! She is also FAST and seems to be catching on to the finer points of the game now...Jake is helping coach her team and they are both having a blast! She also came up with the team name..."Cupcake Ninjas". She was so excited about picking the name that I made her a team poster for the games and when it was her turn to bring the treats we brought...cupcakes with ninja swords!! Oh, and the 3 ponytail hair-do is her "lucky" hair-do...she INSISTS that it must be in this style every game! When they score a goal she flips the top pony in circles...oh so Rylee!
I love being a soccer mom!

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