Sunday, September 9, 2012

Onion Days!!

Payson Onion Days is something we look forward to at the end of's sort of the kick-off to fall! This year we were really excited because they were having a free Mark Wills (country singer) concert! Karlee couldn't come because of cheer, but the rest of us headed out for a great show! About 2 songs into the concert it started to pour down rain...we hudled under the blanket for about 20 minutes...and then the party started back up! It was a fun evening...the music was great...Mark Wills sings the song that I call "Jake and I's song" and he sang it as the closing number! It was good times!

The next night was the carnival and was also Jake's birthday! He felt pretty special that we celebrated his big 36th with fireworks! Anyways, the kids LOVED going on the big rides and Jake was super excited that Karlee and Rylee wanted to go on the big rides with him! I can't believe they love those puke-inducing rides, but they sure do!

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