Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Spencer's Big Day...Kindergarten!

It's a day I actually thought would never arrive...honestly, there were times I believed all 4 of my children would be by my side as constant companions for the rest of my life. Yet, as each year passes they seem to be moving further and further from this. Today they all are in school, and at the same school together, for one year only.

Spencer was SO excited to go to school. He is so ready and I think he will do amazing things! I will miss having him as my little buddy all day, but we still get to hang out in the mornings for the next year! He actually laughed at me as we waited for the bus today and told me, "You're going to be all alone!". Anyways, he got on the bus like such a big boy and as I walked away I actually got teary-eyed...I think I shed 2 tears...one for sadness to see them all growing-up and one for JOY that we are moving on to the next exciting chapter of our lives!

I love being a Mom! It makes my heart happy!

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