Tuesday, August 21, 2012


It was hard to find the time to fit all the fun stuff we had planned into one little summer! But, us Clarks...we never give up! So, we found a weekend to getaway to the mountains and have a campout. This summer has been a killer for wildfires and we were worried that we wouldn't even be allowed to campout with a campfire...but it all worked out and we cooked some fantastic hot dogs and s'mores! Even Grandma and Grandpa Clark came with us! We camped at Diamond Fork in Spanish Fork Canyon and we hiked around, played by the stream, tossed the frisbee and enjoyed being together.

After spending a great night in the tent...Grandma and Grandpa really roughed it...no tent needed! We decided to hike to the "Hot Pots". We were not aware of how long of a hike it was, nor how stinky the "Hot Pots" would be. The kids were troopers and took on that hike with ease...we didn't even mind when the rain started to pour down on us as we hiked back down the mountain! It was a memorable day!!

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