Friday, August 24, 2012


Jake and I have been wanting to see the musical, "Wicked", for years now. Everytime we would hear about it the timing would be wrong or the price too this time around we just made it work! Since next week is his birthday we decided to make it a birthday-night-out!

After the cruise we went on last month, Jake decided that his suit wasn't "dressy" enough when I get all-fancy. So, while he was out working a couple weeks ago he saw a Tuxedo shop that was closing and selling all of their tuxedos for $40...he jumped at the chance and completely on his own bought himself a tuxedo. I thought it was so funny and random that he did that...but he was so excited for the opportunity to get all dressed-up for our night out at the theater! He just says that a women's best accessory is a well-dressed man (I believe he heard that on a commercial), he was helping me out!! Anyways, it was really fun to have a reason to get fancy and go out on the town with my studly husband!

By the way...I was worried that with all the hype I have heard about the show that I might be disappointed in the end...NOT the case! "Wicked" was so fun and clever...Jake and I both had a blast and didn't want it to end! LOVED it

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