Sunday, May 12, 2013

Field Trips Galore!

It's that time of year again...Field Trips and Hershey Track!

Karlee had Hershey Track first this year. She did awesome, once again! She took first in her first race, the 100 meter, and did awesome at her long jump. She took 3rd in the semi-final race and we just had a great day hanging out together. Love it!

Spencer invited me to go to the zoo on his kindergarten field could I say no?? It was a great day, perfect weather and great company...5 five-year-old boys! It was so funny to hang out with Spencer and his buddies! Boy groups are so busy and a bit harder to keep track of than "girl groups"...but we had a blast! Thanks for the invite Spencer, let's do it again sometime!

Then it was Rylee's turn at the Hershey Track! I knew that Rylee was fast and talented, but she really surprised me! She took 1st in her 50 meter dash and went on the semi-final where she took first again and so it was on to the finals (the top 6 girls in the citywide 4th grade meet)...where she took 2nd! She actually will move onto the District-wide meet next week! She also took 3rd in the long jump out of the whole city and will be competing at that event next week too! You go girl!

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