Sunday, June 9, 2013

Last Week of School

Whew...the last of week of school is always SO crazy (and fun!). I was at the school everyday for one thing or are a few of them.

Spencer had his Kindergarten Graduation! He sang songs from throughout the year and got a cookie from his teacher...he is sure going to miss Mrs. Tanner!

I helped at Field Day activities with Audree, Rylee and Karlee. The obstacle course was a blast and the popsicles at the end were much needed after our days in the sun.

The Dance Festival is always a ton of fun! Spencer and his rowdy crew (Caleb, Jack and Reeces) hung out with me and ran around like monkeys during the festival...they are so funny! This year Audree got to do the parachute dance with the 2nd grade, Rylee performed the square dance with the 4th grade and the crazy 6th graders did the Harlem Shake. I actually started to cry during Karlee's dance because I realized that next year she won't be little girl is getting so BIG! The tears surprized even me...but I guess I was just feeling a little sentimental. This has been such a great year for Karlee she has grown up a lot and really enjoyed some extra responsibility with Student will be a little strange to have her at a different school next year.

There was also a 6th grade storytelling Festival...Karlee was "Narrator 2" for the Chinese story they did...she was poised and spoke so clearly!

Karlee also did the Mini-society...she sold ninja names on was so creative and fun! I can't find the photos, but she had a great (and really HOT) day doing that too!

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