Sunday, June 9, 2013

Spencer's a Busy Guy!

This year Spencer would always complain about going to gymnastics...the only reason I kept him in it was because it was during the time that Karlee was already there for cheer and it was more fun for him than just sitting there...also, he LOVED it...I don't know why he would complain, he would laugh and roll around and be crazy the whole classtime. Anyways, he had a great year and learned a lot.

As soon as gymnastics was over for the year...t-ball began! We have never done t-ball before, so it's been a new experience. Can't say it's me and Jake's favorite...and although Spencer says he loves it...the fact that he simply sits on 3rd base and picks out the grass makes us believe otherwise. He sure looks adorable in his little uniform though and we are just looking forward to seeing him out on the soccer field again this fall!

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