Sunday, June 9, 2013

Audree's Big Day...she's 8!!

My littlest girl is 8 years old! Audree is such a beautiful and talented little girl...musical, athletic (she is LOVING being on the cheer team now), outspoken, creative and funny. Our family is simply more whole with her around, she is loved by everyone! For her big birthday she decided to celebrate by bringing her best buddy, Bri Shaw, with us to Sonic for dinner and a night out at the Art City Carnival. We lucked out and even got to see Miss Springville at Sonic! It was such a fun evening, perfect weather and fun rides...the cotton candy and bubble gum flavored cupcakes were delish too! Before we left for the big night out she got her birthday present too...a new bike!

The Carnival was a blast...Audree, Spencer and Bri loved the Scrambler (of course, I could barely even watch...makes me sick!) and the big slide! Rylee, Karlee and Dad loved the really big rides...the Zipper and the FireBall! Me...I just loved the people where do these people come from?

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