Sunday, April 5, 2009

Conference Weekend!

We really enjoyed a relaxing conference weekend as a family! Thanks to my cousin, Paige, for sending a great new waffle was my first attempt at sourdough! Brooke and Lauren (Brooke's best friend who is pretty much family) came over for whipped cream with a little waffles and strawberries (if you know what I mean!). Then we all watched the morning session of conference together...Karlee and Rylee even gave us all foot massages (more like a tickling session) while we watched!

Then after the last session of conference we headed over to the Clark's for dinner and an Easter Egg hunt! Judy was so great and must have stuffed 100 eggs for the kiddies...who actually enjoyed the eggs stuffed with chocolate more than the ones with money! The kids also made Easter drawings for Uncle Sean on his mission! It was so great to have a nice day between the snowy and cold ones!

Rylee insisted on using this doctor bag to collect eggs...she brought it from home for this sole purpose. She is so funny to me!

Audree worked really hard on this picture for Uncle Sean, she was really concentrating and even drew a couple "A's" for "Audree" on it!

Spence can hardly wait to hit the t-ball circuit!! We've been practicing his hand-eye coordination with bubbles lately...he LOVES it!

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