Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Little Chicken Nugget

Spencer has coined his own little catch-phrase lately...and it cracks me up! He says "Chicken Nugget" about anything and everything.

For example, when I put him to bed, instead of saying "good night"...he says, "Chicken Nugget".

When we are driving down the road and he sees a big tractor he says, "Wow! Chicken Nugget".

When he feels a little silly he says, "Mom, you're a chicken nugget!".

When he sings a song he knows he will replace random words with "chicken nugget".

Sometimes when he just hasn't had anything to say for awhile he will simply blurt out, "chicken nugget"!

This kid is hilarious to me...I really will miss having a toddler in the house here soon. Don't get me wrong...I am ready to move past the whole diaper, sippie cup, tantrum stage...but they really are so fun at this age!

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Shanna Nemrow said...

Soooooooooo funny!!! Kay, so before I read your blog, I just did a new post on Garrett and what he is saying all the time right now. Silly boys!!!!