Monday, October 1, 2012

Karlee's 11 years old!!

Well, she just keeps doin' it...growing up! Karlee turned 11 last week! We did a couple things to celebrate because Daddy had to be out-of-town for the actual birthday. So, on Friday night we went out to Chick-fil-a (Karlee's choice) for dinner and we came home and had brownie sundaes...yum! Karlee has really enjoyed boating this summer and we have been talking about saving up our money to buy a boat of our she asked for a kneeboard for her birthday...and some Cheetos and Doritos! I think she was pleased with her gifts! The next day we took Grandma and Grandpa's boat out to Utah Lake with some friends (the Anderson family and Karlee's friend, Kallie). It was the Anderson's and Kallie's first time on a boat! We had a great day! I didn't get any photos because I was videotaping the kids, but it was great!Everyone tested out the new kneeboard (it was a big hit!) and Karlee and Rylee both skiied on our new kid's waterskiis!

On her actual birthday I had to be at Young Women's and we were having a beehive 80's get-together for our activity...Karlee SO wanted to be we decided to have the activity at our house and it was a blast! The girls all dressed up 80's style, we had PopRocks and carmel popcorn, played 80's board games and Just Dance on the wii. I even made some bright colored 80's cupcakes for the occasion! Karlee thought that was a great birthday night! Anyways, I love that Karlee...she makes me proud everyday!

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