Friday, October 19, 2012

Too Busy to Blog!!

It's Fall!! We have been having SO much fun...too much fun to post it all on the blog! Here are some highlights from the last few weeks!

Jake and I got to go with Spencer's kindergarten class on a field trip to Downtown Springville! The grocery store, the Post Office, the Library and the Fire Departement (Spencer LOVED it when they sprayed the hoses at the Fire Dept.!). It was so funny to see Spencer with his little friend, Jack! What a group of silly (and quite "huggy" kids!). It was a blast!

Grandpa Nemrow came to spend a few days with us too! He went to General Conference and a BYU game...and then he met me and the kids at a Utah Jazz scrimmage. The kids were excited to see what it was like where the Jazz play. It wasn't nearly as exciting as a "real" game...but it was a fun (and free!) thing to do! It was fun to spend time with Grandpa and we were bummed when he had to leave...we missed Grandma who was at home preparing for hip replacement surgery...can't wait to see her at Thanksgiving!

For Fall Break we headed down to St. George hoping for a warm such luck! We were able to squeeze in a round of golf before the wind and the rain hit, but we were REALLY bummed because we had tickets to see Aladdin at Tuacahn and it got cancelled at the last minute! We made the best of things by going to the movies instead...Hotel Transylvania was a great show! It was great just to be together and escape the chaos at home!

Spencer has been so excited to get our pumpkins this year...he has asked me over and over again, day after day...when are we getting our pumpkins?! This has been another crazy month for photography (8 weddings in the past 8 family shoots!) trying to find a night that isn't filled with soccer, gymnastics, young womens, or photography is nearly impossible! We finally found a night when we could get to the patch and about 20 mintues before we head out crazy swirling winds begin. But us Clarks, we never give, off we headed into the storm! At least we pretty much had the pumpkin patch all to ourselves! It was still fun and we found some great pumpkins to bring home. The first thing Spencer did the next morning was go outside to make sure all the pumpkins were still there...he was pretty sure one of them had moved about 6 inches, so he fixed it and was satisfied! So funny!

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