Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Festivities!

We had a great time scooping the goop out of our pumpkins!! Sort of...

Dressing up is awesome!! We got to dress-up for the ward carnival (always an annual favorite!), again for school parade and again for trick-or-treating! This year was the warmest Halloween on record here in Utah so it's been LOTS of fun (no jackets to hide the costumes!).
Karlee was an 80's nerd (she matched her bestie, Makayla) and was hilarious!

Rylee was "Kissin' Kate" from the book/movie "Holes". Don't just call her a cowgirl...she's way cooler than that!

Audree was an appropriate! What a cutie!

Spencer was stoked to be a T-Rex! Isn't he scary?!

Jake and I got in on the act too...Jake was "Shawn White" the snowboarder (since his werewolf wig didn't turn out as planned!) and I was a black widow (inspired by the super cool spider ring my mother-in-law gave me!). We have so much fun on Halloween!

Even our goldfish named "Pig" got festive! Of course, he was a pig!

The School Parade was great too! And oh so warm!

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