Monday, November 5, 2012

Favorite Home Decor

So, Audree and Spencer are the resident artists at my house (unless you're talking cardboard, fuzzy ball and googly eye sculptures...then that's Rylee). The fridge is always covered in spelling tests, lunch calendars, notes from Primary, and the latest school artwork...we needed a place for the love notes and sweet drawings to go. About a year ago we started putting them up on the iron sculptures in our bedroom and it has become the home art gallery since then. Audree and Spencer love to draw things for us and put them up in our room and the pictures always make me smile! I do have to say that Spencer pretty much only draws pictures for Jake though...he has made it very clear that while he loves his "mama"...Daddy is his favorite and he is way cooler, stronger and all around better than Mom. I guess that's fair.

Jake and I often go to bed at night to find a great little drawing or sweet note on our pillow from Audree...she is such a sweetheart! The other night this happend again and Jake decided to write one back (I was SO tired, I told him to make it from me too and I crashed). When he came back up to show it to me I was impressed with the large, heart-shaped note...he taped it to her door so she would see it in the morning. When she saw him the next morning she gave him a huge hug and said she loved it. I love them both!

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