Thursday, April 24, 2014


Rylee had the annual Springville City Hershey Track meet today. She always gets excited for the opportunity to see if her speedy skills are still worries Rylee, you're good! I get excited for the opportunity to cheer her on! Today she raced the 100 meter race, did the long jump and the softball throw. She killed it! She took 3rd place in the city for long jump, 72 inches! Then she raced the 100 meter, she tied for 1st...raced in the semi-final and took a super close 2nd place, but her time was fast and she made it to the top 6 finalists. She raced again and took 2nd place overall...that makes her the 2nd fastest 5th grade girl in the city!! You rock, Rylee! What an exciting day and I couldn't be more proud of her...she was fearless, gracious to the other athletes, positive and a great role model. I love to be her Mom!

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