Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spencer's got a Great Brain!

For many years we have been able to graciously decline on the opportunity to help our kids with a "Great Brain Project". It's just a bunch of extra work for...the parents! This year Spencer's teacher was adamant that the kids in her class complete a project and Spencer, in turn, was determined that he needed to do one. Jake and I tried to fight it, but Spencer's puppy dog eyes made us give in. We discussed many possible trucks was on the list...but eventually we settled on a project Dad could be excited about and help with...Paper Airplanes! The two boys worked hard on a poster and presentation (including a video clip of the world record paper airplane throw). The presentation to the class included teaching the kids how to make the best flying airplane with a contest to see who's could go the farthest. The project was a HUGE hit and ended up creating a bit of a problem at the school and neighborhood with paper airplanes everywhere over the following weeks!! Spencer was a bit of trend-setter and has since become the best paper airplane maker I know!! Anyways, it ended up being a fun project for the boys to work on and something they will never forget! Good times!

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