Friday, December 4, 2015

Broken arm & Mom of the Year

So, Audree calls me during a cheer practice in tears to tell me that she hurt her wrist. Audree can be a bit dramatic and I was unable to come get her at that moment. Dad to the rescue...he picks her up and she is in some pain, we figure she has sprained her wrist because she wasn't even off the floor when she twisted her arm coming out of a back walkover. So, Dad and Audree get a nice little wrist brace at the store, we ice it and figure she'll be fine in a couple days.

After a few days she still insists on wearing the brace (even to sleep in) and says it hurts when she takes it off. So, after a week we think she really should be fine...but, Dr. Grandpa suggests an x-ray before we let her tumble again. Dad takes her in for an x-ray while mom takes Rylee to a soccer game. This is the picture mom gets on her phone during the game.

I can't believe it was broken! Audree is such a trooper and was stoked that Dad took her to her favorite lunch spot to make her feel better...Subway! Audree enjoyed getting her cast signed, but hated having Mom wash her hair in the shower for her (so embarrassing, I mean I AM 10 years old now, Mom!). 3 weeks later she got the cast off and was right back to cheer! What a trooper!

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