Saturday, December 5, 2015

Car Trouble

The story I am about to tell you is completely can't make this stuff up!

Our car, which we lovingly refer to as "Princess", has worked well for our family for the past 3 years. Suddenly, she started to run shaky and seemed to need some work. We took her in and had it checked out, they said it would be $2000 in repairs. We decided that we would just get it fixed and move forward. Then, we got a call that after they made those repairs there was still a problem...after a couple days we were told that they couldn't tell us what the repairs would be, but basically it was unrepairable. We owe a LOT of money on that car and were told that the car was worthless. After taking her to another location for a second opinion, the news was grim, at least $7000 more would be the cost to repair her. There was a week of tears, rental cars and bewilderment. We thought we would have to sell the boat and we didn't know if we were now in financial ruin. Finally, we took Princess to the auction to sell her for as much as we could. We also went out and bought another I drove the new car home it wasn't running right. The next day we had to return the new car to the dealership for repairs. Another rental car and another couple days without knowing what to do...more tears, a little bit of fasting and prayers, some discussions with Jordan (which helped us to realize some financial options that allowed us to keep the boat and move forward) and we started to feel better. The new car was almost fixed and then I got a call from Jake at work...the rental car had died on him. At this point, we just laughed...what else can you do? The car shop sent a tow truck to get Jake and bring him back to the dealership to pick up the new car, which was now repaired. We were a bit skeptical at this point...but so far, the new car is working and all is back as it should be. We lost $17,000 on good-old Princess and it will be awhile before we feel as secure as we did before, but we are trying to stay positive and move forward. Here is a photo from sometime in the middle of all this mess...

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