Thursday, July 3, 2008

Just Gettin' Started!

Alright, so I have been fighting this whole blog thing. I mean, who wants to read about my life anyways? Plus, I read all these other blogs and everyone else's life seems be going so smoothly...what will people think if I write about what is REALLY going on at my house? So here is the deal...I won't post only the fabulous fact, I will focus on the reality. This might be frightening and possibly cause my children to be taken from me one day...but it's a chance I am willing to make for your entertainment.

I went out to dinner with Mindy, Sheralyn and Jenny the other night (high school friends) and they convinced me that I am totally behind the times by not having one of I hope you enjoy. Also, all my friends with blogs never email me anymore, so hopefully now we can all keep up with eachother this way.

Oh, and about dinner with "the girls" the other night...what a blast! I probably talked their ears off...I tend to do that with adult listeners (please accept my apology) and the waitress was way bummed that our 3 hour dinner at Olive Garden cut her tips by about 3/4 that night...hey, it was a Tuesday night, get over it! It reminded me that I actually had a life before children! So thanks gals for a great night out!


Audrey said...

YAY you have a blog!! AND double YAY I am the first commenter on your blog!!
Ashlee, I am so over joyed that you have hopped on the blog train! I know that I am one of "those" friends that has stopped emailing when I started my blog...sorry! Watch out, blog surfing and staulking gets addicting! And I am totally going to be staulking yours now!
I think blogs are a great way to get your photo business out there too!
So we are coming down to Utah sometime in the next month and we MUST go to dinner or lunch! I have sooo many (you know what and who) stories to tell!
Lata Gata!

Danielle said...

FINALLY!!! Now I can keep up-to-date on the latest happenings at the Clark household. You're going to love it. Can't wait to see pictures of those cute kids of yours!

The Gilliam Family said...

Hey Ash,

I too am new to blogging! I guess we will see how this goes - but already I feel more in touch with all of you! Fun! I miss you lots, and look forward to your posts!

Love Ya!