Sunday, July 20, 2008

Seven Peaks

For the last 3 summers we have had Seven Peaks Waterpark passes. It is a great way to spend our summer evenings together as a family! The kids love it and Jake and I enjoy getting outside to cool down in the pool! It's the best alternative to having our own pool ...which here in Utah would be impractical. Usually, we take some sandwiches and chips to have for dinner. But we have a really hard time convincing the kids to eat instead of swim when we first get there. So, this past Saturday we went a little early so we could just get dinner on our way home and not worry about food at the park. Of course, on this day the kids started begging for food as soon as we got there! Luckily, being a Mom, I did throw a bag of Cheetos in the bag we took. This appeased them for awhile. Does anyone else out there have kids who like to be difficult like this?? We also had to make about 4 trips to the bathroom and have 1 diaper change during the 2 hour visit to Seven Peaks...this was after making everyone go potty before we left. The kids just like to make sure we stay on our toes..."no relaxing in the sunshine, Mom!!"

P.S. These pictures were taken with my waterproof little pocket camera...not the highest quality photos...but you get the idea!

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jen said...

Your kids are so cute and the girls posing in that first picture totally reminds me of you!