Friday, January 30, 2009

Professor Ashlee

Ok, I'm not a Professor, but I did give a lecture at BYU yesterday. I was asked by the teacher of a BYU Women's Entreprenurial (did I spell that right?) Class to come give a lecture on running my photography business. She found me through one of my recent advertisments. I was asked to discuss how I got started, how I run a business and continue to be a stay-at-home mom, and what advice I would give to someone who wanted to own their own business.

I was surprised that I was asked to do this...I personally think of my business as a hobby and was excited that someone outside of my house would find this venture successful enough to talk about. Anyways, my lecture lasted 50 minutes and I think it went well...I base that judgement purely on the fact that nobody was asleep during it! I was also excited to find out that previous speakers in this class included the owners of the Shade Shirt, I don't even WANT to be that successful!

Anyways, just one more interesting thing I did this week...I am looking forward to a totally mundane and predictable time with my kids next week. If you haven't been to my website, the address is


Rachel and Nancy said...

Way to Go Ashlee !! I'd be so nervous I'd faint.

Lanell said...

I'll bet you did a great job. Trav was bummed about your jury duty because Jake had to be mom and couldn't go skiing!!! What an interesting week you had.