Thursday, August 27, 2009

All Boy!!

I just have to take a second to mention how hilarious it is to have a boy around here. I LOVE it!! He is at an age that has been fun for all the kids, but Spencer has a way of doing it totally different. For example, the girls all loved to sing and dance at this age (and Spencer DOES have some sweet moves...a bit like Axle Rose). But, Spencer does things like "mow da lawn" with daddy...he thinks this is the best time of the week...he imitates every move Jake makes when they do this together.

Spencer has a new pair of boots...he thinks these are the coolest...and I have to admit that I kind of think he's the coolest when he wears them!

His newest favorite thing is the girl's headbands...why? you may ask...because they are sling shots of course!! I am not sure how he figured this out...I swear boys just figure these things out all by themselves. I think you'd be surprised how, after a few days of practice, his accuracy is right on...he can hit whatever you tell him to aim at! He did have one little mishap this morning though...the shot went backwards and he shot himself in the eye (which totally reminded me of "Christmas Story")...he was REALLY bummed about this one...but it didn't slow him down for long. As soon as he could see again, he had the sling shot in hand!

The other day as I was sitting on my bed talking to Jake I looked over and saw Spencer pulling my curling iron out of the drawer...the next thing I know he shot me with it! He aimed the curling iron at me, pulled a "trigger" and made a "gun noise"...once again, I don't know where he learns this stuff!!

You gotta love this guy!

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Shanna Nemrow said...

So funny and SOOOO true!!! I love the picture of Jake and him mowing the lawn!! Priceless!
Yeah, I'll send you one of their invites. I used the pictures you took.
By the way, check out Freddy and Mandy's blog link on our blog and look for her birthday present post - Freddy made her a blog book through a website. It is SO sweet! I'm going to start printing our blog into a book each year and use it as a journal/scrapbook.
Oh, and Happy Birthday to Jake on Monday, right? Ok, so my major goal is to remember everyone's birthday and send bday cards. I have to be the worst sis-in-law/Aunt in history to you guys. I may need to start with Karlee's bday since Jake's snuck up on me. But tell him we're thinking of him!!