Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Field Trip!

I was such a lukcy mom this week because I got to take Audree on a field trip with her pre-school class to Pumpkinland! Spencer came with us and we had a great time enjoying one of, what is sure to be one of the last, warm autumn days. The corn maze, playground and "haunted holiday barn" kept us very entertained for the morning! It was nice to stop running from one thing to the next and just relax and hang out with my little munchkins...I haven't been much fun for them the last several weeks! Spencer managed to find trouble though (no surprise)...I couldn't find him for a minute and then I found him in the animal area poking bunnies with sticks...he said, "The bunnies like it!". Anyways, it was fun and I think we all had a great time!


Shanna Nemrow said...

Fun!!! I can't believe how big Audree and Spencer are getting!! Mackenzie and Garrett are going to love playing with them. We can't wait to see you guys! Have a very Happy Halloween!! I can't wait to see pics of all the kids dressed up.

jen said...

What cute kiddos you have! Poor Spencer is going to have a cold head! Too fun!