Saturday, April 3, 2010


Karlee and Rylee were excited to participate in the school talent show this year! There is a grade level show and then the top 3 of each grade are chosen to go on to the school-wide show 2 weeks later. So, yesterday was the grade level performances... Karlee did a gymnastics/dance routine and Rylee did a karate demonstration. Of course, I was proud of them and thought they were the best...but they were REALLY excited when they were both chosen as top 3 performers of their grade to participate in the big school-wide show in 2 weeks! I am glad that they both made it and one didn't have to be sad...I will have to let you know how it goes when it's time for the big one!

This is Karlee and her adorable best friend, Makayla. Makayla did a great clogging routine!

Here's Rylee looking fierce!

Here's Spencer thoroughly enjoying the talent show! I do have to admit that by the time we sat through 2 grade level shows (approx. 2 hours) he was DONE!

And this is Audree a couple days ago...she put on a fabulous fashion show for me. My favorite part was at the beginning when she was the announcer and she said, "Ladies and Gentleman...please turn off your cell phones for tonight's fashion show!" Classic!

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