Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back 2 School

It's been 12 years since I didn't need to be home at lunchtime for either naptime, preschool or's been 12 years since I had days all to myself. I never thought this day would really come, but it's here. All 4 of the kiddos go to school all day. They were all so excited to start this new year and see their friends again. Karlee started Jr. High...she was nervous about opening her locker and finding her classes...but no worries, she's got it down!

Rylee was ready to start the "Big Kid Hallway" at Sage Creek and she was so excited to have Mrs. Welch for her teacher (who also loves to play soccer!).

Audree is in 3rd grade...she is just growing up too fast! She has Mrs. Egbert for a teacher this year (one of our family's favorites!). She was so excited that the theme for their class this year was "Hollywood".

Spencer is starting 1st grade! He is such a good kid and always tries his best...he is going to love Mrs. Trevenen's class! After the first day he did say, "Man, that was a long time to be at school!". Luckily, Jack and Simon are in his class...they will have a blast this year!

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