Tuesday, September 17, 2013


A few months ago Jake received the news that he was now the official Manager over Jon Fong...which would have been great news, but the fact that Jon lives in Hawaii made it even better news! So, Jake needs to travel to Hawaii a couple times a year to check in with Jon and his hospital leadership. Since I have never been to Hawaii and the summer babysitters from last summer (the Sayers) were begging us to go away again so that they could play with our kids...it seemed like it was meant to be! We were so excited for the escape and the tropical air...it did not disappoint! We ate atlots of delicious places...our very first stop was Cheeseburgers In Paradise (we were starving after the flight!). When Jake had to go work with Jon, I just hung out by the pool and went shopping...it was so rough! Then we had a chance to go on a cool hike to a blue ocean bay "diving board" and check out the view from the other side of the island. One day we went kayaking out to a tiny island across the bay (wow, the trade winds made that a crazy but cool trip!)...and that included hanging out at Lahaina Beach (gorgeous!) and snorkeling. The last day, Jake went surfing with Jon while I slept on the beach under a palm tree, so relaxing! These trips are always such a fun reminder of how much I love to hang out with my best friend...we just have so much fun together! It was hard to come back home after such a great escape...but we missed the kiddos and were glad to be back haning out with them!

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