Monday, December 15, 2008

My baby is 2!!!

Well, his "real" birthday is the 18th...but we celebrated a couple days early this year! He really is getting bigger and talking like crazy! His favorite things to say right now are "Christmas Tree", "Hi, Santa", "binky" and "love you". He is just the studliest kid!!
We had planned to just get him a small truck for his birthday since it's so close to Christmas and he is still so young. We took him with us to Wal-Mart when we went to get the truck...with a small (fist-sized) truck in the cart, we suddenly noticed him playing with something a bit bigger...and he was LOVING it!! We just couldn't disappoint the fist-sized truck wen back on the shelf and THIS came home with us...

He is a very happy little 2-year old and hasn't stopped pushing this thing around the house yet! I didn't think you could spoil a boy the way you can a girl...I was wrong...very wrong! Those adorable eyes and big smile get me everytime!
It was a very fun evening...we had quite a crowd of Clark's over for soup and rolls...thanks to Holly and Judy for helping with veggies and cake!! After all the birthday festivities we headed to the Spanish Fork drive-thru lights. Those of us who dared hoped in the back of Jim's truck. There were 7 kids, Jake and I, Candice and her friend, Doug. We piled in under a load of blankets and snuggled as close as possible. It was 17 degrees outside...but you would be surprised how warm it stayed under the blankets!! Our faces were frozen with smiles when we finished driving thru it the 2nd time! That excursion will have to be an annual tradition! Happy Birthday, Bub-a Bub!!

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Lanell said...

Happy birthday Spencer! I can't believe that you are two. What a cute handsome boy you are!