Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our's Is the Real One!!

Last night we took the kids to visit Santa at the mall. Rylee was wondering how there can be Santa's at all the malls when there is only one Santa. We talked about how he has helpers...but you never know where the "real" one is! Well, after we talked to "our" Santa...we were throughly convinced that "ours" was the "real" one!! After all, we concluded...he wore bells and his beard was very real! Most importantly we gave him our lists, which Mom made us limit to 4 things, and we made sure to tell him how good we have been (most of the time). By the way...Spencer doesn't seem quite so convinced about the authenticity of our Santa in the picture...but I think he'll come around!

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Shanna Nemrow said...

Ok, so I was totally dying when I read what Rylee and Karlee want to be when they grow up!! So funny! Kids say the freaking funniest things. This morning, on the way to preschool, I said, "Mackenzie, look at all the snow on the mountains!" She said, "Oh, is that where Karlee and Rylee and Audree live????" Then paused and said, "Actually, no, I think that's where Santa's sleigh is!!"