Friday, May 8, 2015

Cruise to the Bahamas!

Jake and I were ready for an escape...a vacation from the vacations! I had been on edge, just stressed to the max for quite, while it was hard to leave the kids and make this little vacation work...I am SO glad we did! It was a quick getaway...leave on Thursday, return on Monday. We flew to Miami, spent the night in a hotel and then boarded the Norwegian Sky. We spent 1 day in Nassau, Bahamas and then 1 day at the private island, Grand Stirrup Cay. While there were many things that didn't go the way we would like (our room neighbor thinks he's a DJ and brought all of his obnoxiously loud sound equipment and partied till all hours of the night...making our balcony nearly useless and our nights interrupted with calls to security) we made the most of a relaxing and stress-free weekend. We purchased floaties on the first island and simply found quiet places to float and do nothing...we loved every second of it! The food was delicious and the comedian was actually funny. I enjoyed some virgin lava flows and Jake enjoyed people watching at the pool and little game of dodgeball. It was over too fast, but it was just what we needed.

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