Friday, May 8, 2015

Rylee's Big 12th Birthday!

Holy Smokes, I have 2 daughters in Young Women's! Rylee is so, really, she's hilarious...she loves singing time in Primary and was a little bummed about having to go to Young Women's. Who does that? Anyways, she really is such a great kid and makes me so proud with her confidence, desire to be righteous, her smarts and her toughness.

For her birthday, she decided to go small this year. She just wanted to invite Skylar, her best friend from her soccer team, out for a dinner at Pizza Factory, go to Color Me Mine and then have ice cream back at home. Of course, I also picked her up from school on her actual birthday and took her to any place of her choice...she chose Arbys. That night we had some time, so we hit up Nickelmania (all siblings had to turn over their tickets to her at the end of the night)...she ended up with a sweet blow-up bat! She loved the make-up, "jandals" and money she got for her birthday. Plus, Grandma & Grandpa Clark showed up with a 6-pack of Dr. Pepper (her favorite). It is good to be 12!

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