Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Spencer's Baptism

What a studly kid Spencer is! I just love to be his mom. He was so excited about being baptized. It was a special day because he was the only child in the whole stake who was baptized that day (usually there are many!). So, it really was his own special day. His 3 big sisters sang his favorite baptism song for the closing prayer and he chose Uncle Sean and Uncle Adam to do the prayers.He had many friends and relatives come to support him, even his 2nd grade school teacher was there. Grandpa Nemrow flew into town to be there, but ended up too sick to attend...he stayed back at our house, but we know his heart was with us. It was a great day.

Once he was baptized, he got to start going to Scouts! He was pretty excited to get his uniform and go hang out with the boys. He's growing up so fast!

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