Saturday, August 9, 2008

The "Pooktis" Game!

So, tonight we were invited to go to an Orem Owls baseball game with Jake's family. It's done through Jim's (my father-in-law) they do a dinner before the game, tickets to the game and treats from the consession stand. It's always a big night for the kids! This year the weather was a lot cooler than last year...which was nice...except the game was rained out most of the evening. Luckily, we mostly just wanted to hang out and eat treats... so the night was not a wash! As you can see, Spencer quite enjoyed the slide at the park there (he always goes down slides head first...he's so crazy!) Audree wouldn't go up to the Owl guy until her sisters went with her! What a bunch of monkeys these girls are!
Here are the kids watching one of the only innings we got to watch without being rained on! They always love to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa!
Spencer, apparently not afraid of an owl's beak! He's so curious!

Oh, and "Pooktis" is the name Audree has given to any game that involves a ball and a stick. None of us quite get it...but she is always wanting to play a game of "pooktis". So, she was really excited to go to a "Pooktis" game tonight!! Go Owls!

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